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Children are our future and they embody hope. For many, the youth of children symbolizes an idyllic, carefree life. But for many children today, that characterization couldn’t be farther from their lived reality. Celebrate Kids exists to offer peace to anxious students, extend hope to depressed teens, and provide encouragement to discouraged moms and dads who want the best for their children.

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8 Great Smarts

Word Smart

Children who are smart in this way are drawn to and moved by words. They enjoy reading, writing, telling stories, and talking about their day. They engage in meaningful discussions and are good listeners. They may enjoy journaling, choral readings, retyping their notes, and being expressive.


Logic Smart

Logic smart children enjoy learning, researching, experimenting, and discovering. They are drawn to math, science, and data, and enjoy intellectual challenges, non-fiction books, and want things that make sense.


Picture Smart

Children who are picture smart think with and in pictures. They are drawn to art and anything visual and are observant. They enjoy creating, reading fiction, studying history, creative writing, photography, and organize by colors and images.


Music Smart

Music smart children are inspired by and learn best by music. They may enjoy playing a musical instrument, singing, enjoying music, going to concerts, rapping, rhyming poetry, listening, jingles, humming, whistling, dancing, and using rhythms and melodies to learn things (e.g., Mississippi, the ABC song).


Body Smart

Children who are body smart are always moving. This can include touching, dancing, acting, and playing sports, as well as doing crafts. They keep their hands busy, they are coordinated, and have good dexterity and flexibility.


Nature Smart

Nature Smart children love to be outside. They want to learn about plants, trees, animals, rocks, clouds, dirt, water, and enjoy collecting things. They sort items based on patterns, comparing, categorizing, and studying topics related to nature.


People Smart

Children who are people smart want and need to be around people. They enjoy studying and learning with people, brainstorming, doing group work, and may have many friends and mentors. They need freedom to think and question, someone to interact with, and opportunities for leading, teaching, organizing, and partying.


Self Smart

Self smart children enjoy time alone, having choices, forming their own opinions, and privacy. They need space, time to think deeply, and time to explain their ideas. They may study alone, set their own pace for projects, and connect topics to their personal lives. They tend to know themselves well.


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